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Oklahoma City Records Scanning

Digitizing your files makes them easy to manage in Oklahoma City

Companies use document scanning to convert paper files into digital records. After they are in a digital format, documents are much easier to manage. If a document is needed it is available with a basic computer query. Access to each record can be modified to particular workers. Documents can be uploaded into an electronic document management system. This provides all of the benefits of electronic records. Documents left on a library of CDs are only a small improvement to the paper files.

The first step is to work on a document retention policy. Decide how long to keep each type of document. Then calculate which employee needs access to each one. This should be published to every worker.

Second, it is time to shred every unneeded document. Have everyone who maintains official records decide which documents should be shredded. Provide shredding cans around your office. Have employees organize their personal records using the official document management policy, and destroy any obsolete document. There is no need to scan documents that aren’t needed.

The third step is to determine which documents will be accessed in the future. The economics of document scanning grow with the number of times the document is used and shared. If it is unlikely to be used again, then just storing the original document is the superior option. Everything left is what you need to scan.

Finally, it is time for the physical act of scanning. You can buy equipment and give the work to your employee or temp. Or you can look to an Oklahoma City-based scanning service. If you have a small amount, then using an employee should work. But as you grow the volume of documents to scan will overwhelm your capacity.

Oklahoma City Shredding Service makes the digitizing project easy. Our contractors have high-speed scanning services and people who handle this work every day. They prepare the files and then shred them following the work.

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