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Shredding Event in Oklahoma City

Shredding events are common in cities across the U.S. Oklahoma City community members get to come together and safely shred their files while raising awareness on the topic of information security. Companies and organizations throughout your area sponsor shred events to help keep their local communities safe, secure, and aware.

What is an Oklahoma City Shred Event?

Shred Event in Oklahoma City

A shred day is when a mobile shredding truck drives out to a particular location and shreds the paperwork of individuals from around the community. These events are sponsored by companies, non-profits, and other organizations throughout Oklahoma who pay to have a paper shredding truck stop at a location for several hours.

These events are typically open to the general public, although the rules are established by the company who organizes the event. An average event lasts 2-3 hours and is typically held on a Saturday morning at a central, public location.

Why Host a Shred Day in Oklahoma City?

Shred events help communities in a variety of ways. While the main purpose of a shred event is to help community members shred their confidential files, shred days also raise awareness on the importance of information security, and many events are fundraisers to help raise money for a local cause.

The company hosting the event also gains positive exposure in the community. The event host gets a chance to interact with local community members while helping them keep their private information secure.

Looking to Attend a Shred Day in Your Neighborhood?

Shred days happen in cities throughout the U.S. year-round. If you are interested in attending a shred day near you, contact your local municipalities. It’s common for police stations and banks to host shred days, so reach out to your local institutions and ask when the next event will be.

Host a Shred Event Near You

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